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3 Tips to STAY MOTIVATED! (Basic as they are)

Hey there, there has been alot going on the past couple of years in my life. Some negative, some positive and all challenging. This is life right? I have been dealing with two deaths in my family. My last grandparent in 2014 and my Dad, 5 months ago. Sucks, but I'm moving through it.

Hey, it's normal and it's not what happenes to you that's important. It's how you DEAL with it all.

With that I get alot of questions about motivation, goals, negativity and all that goes with these topics. So I made a quick video about 3 things I employ to make my goals happen and stay on track, with focus and motivation.

Quick rundown:

1. Set your goals. Easier said than done, alot of people go through life with no real goal or purpose. Hey, been there. Find out what makes you tick, happy and engaged. Chase it. Learn more about it, be good at it. Make it your GOAL to be the best at it.

2. Cut out negative shit that sucks the life out of you. This can be people too and many times, that's all it is. Get rid of them. They will only hamper your progress and life's too short for these vampires. I don't know what it is but some of them just don't want you to succeed. Maybe it's misery loves company, maybe they are afraid of being outdone, maybe envy. Who knows but for me, alot of this shit came from family. Maybe it's the same for you.

3. After you've identified your goals, do WHAT IT TAKES to make it a reality, every day. Even if its small little baby goals each day. Success breeds more success and acheivement. You will fail, but failure is part of the journey and is NECESSARY. Learn from it and become stronger and smarter.

Thats it for now, enjoy the video, I plan on doing more of these topics very soon. Many things have been throwing me off course as of the past couple of years but I am focusing on crushing it like I always have. It's part of the deal so don't get down on yourself. We all go through shit in life. Just remember it's how we deal that is key. Don't let life kick you while you are down, fight back however you can, whatever it takes.



Until next time, enjoy the video and let me know your challenges.



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Ten GREAT things weight training does for you (besides the obvious health/superficial benefits)

How goes it? Robert here with a little post I got to thinking about during my morning session today. This isn't your typical list of the physical weight training positives but some additional benefits we may overlook. 

The great thing here- is how weight training's benefits can be applied to every other aspect of your life.  Let's get to them!

1. Weight training teaches you that nothing beats hard work, and that there are no short cuts, 21/90-day fixes or magic pills- for anything in life. You simply keep the effort cranked up for the long haul.

2. Goal setting. Weight training shows you what it means to be persistent and committed to putting in the work to achieve it.

3. Much more powerful than drinking or any other sort of crutch, weight training is healthy therapy that helps you literally "train out" your stress while improving your life on multiple fronts.

4. You can train alone; don't need another person to challenge yourself although training partners are great. The weights constantly push you back (especially if you keep gunning for more).

5. Weight training teaches you all about accountability. If you you don't get in the gym and put out on a regular basis only you are to blame for your fitness goals not being met, or any other goal for that matter.

6. Lifting weights can help keep you prepared for life's hurdles we all experience every day- like changing a tire or mentally focusing on a challenging issue.

7. Constant improvement. Weight training shows you how to consistently chip away at a goal and improve in implements rather than focusing on being perfect all the time. That's just not realistic for anyone.

8. Competition- with yourself. Weight training challenges you to compete against yourself and improve each time you pick up a weight.

9. Weight training allows you to take better care of others, because it's making you the strongest version of yourself to be there for them.

10. Failure. In weight training, training to failure brings the best results. Just as in life, failing is essential for growth ;) .

There's a quick list for now. I probably forgot a few but I will add them to the list as I think of them. Do me a favor and do the same in the comment section! Thanks for reading.

Keep trainin',





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Free and Easy Internet Business Or Just a Scam?

On my birthday last month I stumbled across something really cool to pass on, the gift of time freedom and earning cash on your terms. If you are a natural skeptic, awesome so am I. Keep reading.

The economy isn't handing out very many freebies these days; the internet is where it's at. I'm in the fitness niche by profession but it's all played by the same rules online- and I want to show you something real; I mean this program can change lives (keep reading);)

Besides how to get stronger or get a six pack, I get many questions about how to get started selling a product or your information on the internet. The cool thing is, anyone can do it! Never before has getting your message heard all over the world been easier. A business on the internet can can get your product or service to the masses; globally.

Hey, it's pretty cool because if you set it up right and you follow simple steps laid our for you, you can actually help countless people and make money at home in your sleep (a great reason in and of itself). It's just gotten easier for people to go global on the internet lately and that's a great thing in most cases.

Many folks however still think it's just too technical or expensive to get started but that's just not true these days. Much of the software now is set up in a turn-key fashion, making it easy for just about anyone to set up an online shop if they have an idea or product. Plus, it's just easier to learn and support is much improved. You see, running an internet business is like anything else, you grow as you go and everyone starts somewhere!

Another big issue of course is all the scams, MLM's (multilevel marketing/pyramid schemes) and miracle software sales pitches you will run into on the interment promising the world and never delivering. Just like in traditional businesses, there are scam artists everywhere. What I am about to show you is not a scam, MLM, or anything of the sort.

Ok now for the good stuff- one of the EASIEST, real ways to jump into internet profits that anyone can do is AFFILIATE  MARKETING. This is simply referring products or services through your own link; and YOU get the commissions when someone buys.. You make money from someone else's product. Many do this full time and earn a nice chuck of change.

There are two ways to use this method- 1) Simply refer people to buy the product or service through your link 2) Signing up other people to join the same affiliate program- to me, this is the EASIEST and FASTEST way to make money online and a great way to get your feet wet and learn some of the basics. As you pick up more knowledge your business success follows suit.

Of course, anything worth doing is worth doing well; with the right information and support you can and will achieve your goals, it's totally up to you if you treat it like a business.  Even part time you can gain some easy green!

So, if you are ready to take a real no-risk shot at making money online, I have done some homework for you and provided a link you can check out –> –> www.ibourl.net/healthandwealth

There's NO selling, NO MLM, no technical knowledge required. it's actually crazy how easy this is to get rolling even with limited knowledge about internet marketing. You will be helping others get ahead for free and this is what makes it so powerful.

Granted, the guy in this video is a seasoned internet marketer but it doesn't get any easier than this to start making  some cash online. Just don't be put off by the numbers, I know this stuff is attainable as I have used the same methods in my online fitness business! Keep your mind open and things will happen for you, I am living proof of that.

This is a real, legitimate home-based internet business that can have you making money today, for FREE. All the tools are provided and the system will be explained in full detail. In the meantime, feel free to leave a comment or a question, I will be happy to help you get started.

Get Informed, Get Transformed! Health and wealth go great together and as a trainer it's my job to share as much as I can so have fun learning and have more fun making some extra money AT HOME!

To your future business success,








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Your Anti-Aging Miracle Food?

There is an abundance of great information all over the internet about coconut oil you can read but take it from me: Since I have been getting my steady dose of it daily I have felt better, had more energy, less joint pain, gotten leaner and look better (at least that’s what my friends have said). My skin has even improved now that I think of it; less dry, less age/sun spots, irritated, etc.

It's one of the nutritional "super fats" I cover in-depth in my full online training program UBAA.

Crazy health benefits qualify this stuff as one of the super-foods in my book and here’s the short list of reasons why:  weight loss, brain function, antimicrobial, antifungal, hair care, skin care (fights rashes of all kinds), stress relief, maintaining cholesterol levels, increased immunity, proper digestion and metabolism, tooth decay prevention, relief from kidney problems and heart disease.

It’s easy to see how coconut oil is an anti-aging miracle food with a short list like that.

So how does coconut oil give us such amazing health benefits? These benefits can be traced to the presence of lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acids- which are healthy saturated fats but the exact mechanism of how it can do what it does for us is still a mystery. Lauric acid makes up more than 40% of these healthy fats. These are the kinds of fats that help decrease inflammation of all kinds in our body- cancer included.

Coconut oil is made of more than 90% saturated fats. But the fats in coconut oils aren’t the kinds of fats that make you fat, they actually help you get leaner and more healthy! The remaining percents come from unsaturated fats, which are also great for you.

Heck, you can even just rub it on your skin as one of the best lotions you'll every use- talk about virsatile!

Besides cooking with it, what I like to do is just simply take a table spoon and scoop up a serving. Bam, there’s your anti-aging, fat-fighting healthy fats for the day and all it takes is a second or two. You can also put it on your toast like butter. It has a high melting point, around 78 degrees. It comes as a solid, much like butter in consistency.

You can add it to just about anything you want to make the food more healthy- for example put a  melted teaspoon in your soup, mix it with honey, sauté meats and veggies with it, the list is limitless with creative ways you could consume it in your daily diet. Of course, don't cut out other nutrients completely but work in the coconut oil to supplement your diet here and there.

If you don’t already have some, I highly recommend you get it. I have a relationship with the great health food company VITACOST and they have allowed me to offer my subscribers great PROMO-CODE savings on their top-grade extra virgin coconut oil-  here's a picture of the actual jar; just click on the picture to pick up your jar at their official online store:




This is a bigger size container at 54 oz but at that price it’s an absolute steal. They also have  smaller sizes if you want to try it out first but you will see how great that price is when most 14oz jars are $8.00 to $10.00 on average. They even offer free shipping on tickets over $25 and % off coupon codes on various items, so check back often. They have a HUGE selection and some of the best pricing anywhere.

So check it out, pick up your jar and start reaping the benefits of this amazing food right now, you will be glad you did. Also, I want to learn from you! Post your recipes and ideas on how you used your coconut oil! You’ll see that this stuff knows no bounds as far as ways to use it.

 Scoop it up or slather it on to give your body some anti-aging super nutrition!

 To your health and longevity, 



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“Detox” Diets- Fad Or Functional?”

 “Detox” diets- can they really work to remove toxins and shed pounds? Yes and no; but mostly no. In short, they won't get you anywhere for the long term. You can lose some fast weight, but as you will read here it's the wrong kind of weight lost in the wrong way. I know, it's a place to start and the weight can and has fallen off for some individuals. But for most of us, it is just too extreme and unrealistic.

Most people hate the notion of dieting; myself included.  I have always been a proponent of eating what you want and enjoying your taste buds within reason and that usually means taking a few “cheat meals” throughout the week here and there (see previous posts).

Yes, those cheat meals usually contain all sorts of toxins that can slowly kill us..but I don’t care I eat them anyway. Why? Because the foods I eat close to 75% of the time would be classified as detoxifying foods anyway. Let’s be realistic here guys:  What you put in your body for 3, 7 or even 30 days straight will NOT make up for what you put in it for 365 days of the year so don’t kid yourself.

So what about these goofy detox diets and liquid starvation methods? Are they all fad? First, don't get me all wrong here: I like some shakes and/or juiced fruit and veggies- I have them often. I just don't have them exclusively as my meal plan but I do supplement them to my regular diet of fresh, unprocessed whole foods.

While the whole idea of detoxifying your body of processed crap from the all-too-popular S.A.D. diet (Standard American Diet) is a great one, to do so resorting to just some liquid miracle potion for any extended amount of time is not the best idea and can actually rob your body of vital nutrients and energy.

For starters, all this weight that some claim to lose is mainly water/salt weight which comes back after you begin eating normally- even with the right natural foods.  Secondly, since there are virtually no calories to speak of with these extreme diets, there is no possible way for you to function optimally- mind or body. We all need calories to perform at our best. How are you supposed to be active running on just fluid?

The lack of protein and calories from these starvation detox plans actually starves the good tissues we should be striving to keep and that tissue is muscle. If you have followed anything I have filmed for YouTube or written here, you know that muscle is anabolically active and this means it will burn calories stored as fat no matter what you are doing- even sleeping so why would you want to rob their ability to burn fat for you?

What about the detox portion of these diets? Your liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs, skin, blood and lymphatic systems already naturally do the job of detoxifying your body every day anyway. Side effects of detox diets can include dehydration, fatigue, bad breathe, constipation, dizziness and nausea- sounds fun right? Look we don’t need to starve our  system just because some malnourished tree-hugger in your yoga class told you it’s necessary (yoga is cool btw).

It takes about 3-4 days for your body to fully digest and dispose of the solid foods you put into it. So, if you try the new liquid detox potion of the month, you can expect to keep evacuating your bowls- which brings me to the next point.

Some of the weight you lose will inevitably be solid waste so by the time you get to the fourth or fifth day, you’ll be a few pounds lighter just from not replacing your gut with solid food to digest; and this, like the water weight lost will COME BACK when you begin to eat solid food again (and you will). The only difference is you will hopefully not be eating steady helpings of the S.A.D. diet anymore.

So what is an easier, healthier and more realistic method? I thought you’d never ask. Simple, just slowly transition things around. Meaning, instead of your steady diet of processed fun foods that you know are bad for you, start to replace them with more healthy alternatives. Of course, you can still enjoy your pizza or whatever junk foods you like, just not all the time. Before you know it, you will have almost phased out the bad stuff from your diet completely (except for those fun cheat days).

Start educating yourself on the countless simple ways to make your food intake alkaline instead of acidic- this is golden and a great way to "detox" without resorting to an extreme starvation diet.

How do you get alkaline?  Stay away from processed/fast foods all together and starting eating more veggies and "clean" proteins as close to their natural state as possible. Throw some proper training into the mix and witness the body you want begin to appear- and continually improve. See? That is not extreme.

Now, forcing yourself to gulp down some silly concoction of maple syrup and spices for a meal plan is.  How would you rather eat? Why treat yourself that way?

Still confused? Don’t know where or how to start? Leave a comment or a question and I will do my best to answer it. Eating clean for health and a better body is cheaper and easier than you might think, no starvation detox diets needed.




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