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3 Tips to STAY MOTIVATED! (Basic as they are)

Hey there, there has been alot going on the past couple of years in my life. Some negative, some positive and all challenging. This is life right? I have been dealing with two deaths in my family. My last grandparent in 2014 and my Dad, 5 months ago. Sucks, but I'm moving through it.

Hey, it's normal and it's not what happenes to you that's important. It's how you DEAL with it all.

With that I get alot of questions about motivation, goals, negativity and all that goes with these topics. So I made a quick video about 3 things I employ to make my goals happen and stay on track, with focus and motivation.

Quick rundown:

1. Set your goals. Easier said than done, alot of people go through life with no real goal or purpose. Hey, been there. Find out what makes you tick, happy and engaged. Chase it. Learn more about it, be good at it. Make it your GOAL to be the best at it.

2. Cut out negative shit that sucks the life out of you. This can be people too and many times, that's all it is. Get rid of them. They will only hamper your progress and life's too short for these vampires. I don't know what it is but some of them just don't want you to succeed. Maybe it's misery loves company, maybe they are afraid of being outdone, maybe envy. Who knows but for me, alot of this shit came from family. Maybe it's the same for you.

3. After you've identified your goals, do WHAT IT TAKES to make it a reality, every day. Even if its small little baby goals each day. Success breeds more success and acheivement. You will fail, but failure is part of the journey and is NECESSARY. Learn from it and become stronger and smarter.

Thats it for now, enjoy the video, I plan on doing more of these topics very soon. Many things have been throwing me off course as of the past couple of years but I am focusing on crushing it like I always have. It's part of the deal so don't get down on yourself. We all go through shit in life. Just remember it's how we deal that is key. Don't let life kick you while you are down, fight back however you can, whatever it takes.



Until next time, enjoy the video and let me know your challenges.



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