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Robert Marting, B.S., P.T. is an internationally recognized health and fitness professional. He earned his B.S. in Exercise Physiology from Texas Tech University. In the early days growing up in rural Texas, first utilizing the power of fitness in sport- a passion for the field soon developed. Marting credits fitness for teaching him about patience, commitment and introspection describing it as “A powerful catalyst for improvement in ourselves and anyone we come in contact with”.
Robert has been involved in various aspects of the fitness industry- everything from Trainer to Producer, Spokesperson to Author. He credits his personal training clientele for keeping him grounded and reminding him why he entered the fitness industry to begin with- that fitness can enhance every aspect of your life and teaching others to do the same for themselves is what it’s all about!
Mr. Marting has been a regular contributor to many of the top-rated fitness publications such as Men's Fitness magazine, appearing on multiple covers and spreads…
Robert is best known for producing his own instructional DVD series entitled Great Form Equals Great Results.  Keeping the message simple, motivating and to the point the DVDs focus on the all-important form of resistance training's most effective movements for maximum results and safety. The DVDs are currently sold at top online storefronts including Walmart, CBS Sports and Sports Authority to name a few.
As part the United States Department of Health and Human Services extensive effort to address adult and childhood obesity, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality invited Marting as a panelist for the development of an interactive DVD to help clinicians, families and children combat the epidemic of childhood obesity.
Marting’s work has been published for continuing medical education credits and various physician-targeted journals such as Patient Care, Consultant and Internal Medicine News.  He considers it an honor to be a part of the nation’s preventative measures against the obesity epidemic stating “Fitness, namely resistance training is finally earning much-deserved credibility and is now being mentioned in the medical community as a must-do for our long-term health and quality of life”.
More recently, Robert Marting has been involved in projects to promote health and wellness including childhood obesity programming, virtual personal training modules/videos and e-training systems like "Ultimate Body, Awesome Abs!"  that reveals an individualized step-by-step roadmap to your best body ever. He has also just completed his first App the "Over 40 Fit App" now available at the App Store for iOS. This app focuses on the tactics that keep us young and fit, basically the same methods Marting used to make covers of major magazines are the ones that keep him looking young- anyone can use them if you know how to apply them!
True fitness is empowering and a choice that most of us will hopefully embrace. It is the one real fountain of youth that everyone can tap into.
However there is a lot of misleading information out there. WE are responsible for our own quality of life! Not insurance companies, not supplement  or drug companies.
But if we have and more importantly practice the right information; potent fitness and nutrition strategies can be tools used to enhance every aspect of our lives for the long term.
I want to help us all achieve that goal- I see a nationwide improvement in our health but we have to make informed decisions and choose it. I want to hear your stories, your victories, and your challenges in fitness.
I never stop learning and this helps me strive for constant improvement.
– Robert Marting

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