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Ten GREAT things weight training does for you (besides the obvious health/superficial benefits)

How goes it? Robert here with a little post I got to thinking about during my morning session today. This isn't your typical list of the physical weight training positives but some additional benefits we may overlook. 

The great thing here- is how weight training's benefits can be applied to every other aspect of your life.  Let's get to them!

1. Weight training teaches you that nothing beats hard work, and that there are no short cuts, 21/90-day fixes or magic pills- for anything in life. You simply keep the effort cranked up for the long haul.

2. Goal setting. Weight training shows you what it means to be persistent and committed to putting in the work to achieve it.

3. Much more powerful than drinking or any other sort of crutch, weight training is healthy therapy that helps you literally "train out" your stress while improving your life on multiple fronts.

4. You can train alone; don't need another person to challenge yourself although training partners are great. The weights constantly push you back (especially if you keep gunning for more).

5. Weight training teaches you all about accountability. If you you don't get in the gym and put out on a regular basis only you are to blame for your fitness goals not being met, or any other goal for that matter.

6. Lifting weights can help keep you prepared for life's hurdles we all experience every day- like changing a tire or mentally focusing on a challenging issue.

7. Constant improvement. Weight training shows you how to consistently chip away at a goal and improve in implements rather than focusing on being perfect all the time. That's just not realistic for anyone.

8. Competition- with yourself. Weight training challenges you to compete against yourself and improve each time you pick up a weight.

9. Weight training allows you to take better care of others, because it's making you the strongest version of yourself to be there for them.

10. Failure. In weight training, training to failure brings the best results. Just as in life, failing is essential for growth ;).

There's a quick list for now. I probably forgot a few but I will add them to the list as I think of them. Do me a favor and do the same in the comment section! Thanks for reading.

Keep trainin',





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