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How I Do Ripped Abs At Home

In this short video, I bring you through a couple sets of my favorite Ab movement: the hanging leg raise and weighted crunches on the stability ball at home. For the hangers, I first start with "uppers" where my knees don't drop too far below my waistline, then I do side-to-sides and then finish with the easier lowers, where my feet drop down almost all the way and knees come up to my waistline.

There's a reason I do them in this oder! ALWAYS start with the most difficult or heavier move first. This way, you will have enough energy to do it correctly and efficiently; then do the easier/isolation ones. This is the same reason you should life weights BEFORE you do your "cardio" in the gym and the same reason you should do your tougher, heavier compound movements like benchpress before you do cable flys. If you train with weights correctly, it takes far more effort than simply taking a jog on a treadmill (that's why I don't even bother with jogging). Jogging does NOT employ EPOC for constant 24-7 fat loss like lifting the right way can.

Anyhow, enjoy the video and when you are ready to train with me and get the body of a lifetime no matter what your age, visit me at  http://www.robertmartingfitness.com and let's make your goals a reality. Summer is just around the corner!

Train SMART,

~Robert Marting

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