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“Detox” Diets- Fad Or Functional?”

 “Detox” diets- can they really work to remove toxins and shed pounds? Yes and no; but mostly no. In short, they won't get you anywhere for the long term. You can lose some fast weight, but as you will read here it's the wrong kind of weight lost in the wrong way. I know, it's a place to start and the weight can and has fallen off for some individuals. But for most of us, it is just too extreme and unrealistic.

Most people hate the notion of dieting; myself included.  I have always been a proponent of eating what you want and enjoying your taste buds within reason and that usually means taking a few “cheat meals” throughout the week here and there (see previous posts).

Yes, those cheat meals usually contain all sorts of toxins that can slowly kill us..but I don’t care I eat them anyway. Why? Because the foods I eat close to 75% of the time would be classified as detoxifying foods anyway. Let’s be realistic here guys:  What you put in your body for 3, 7 or even 30 days straight will NOT make up for what you put in it for 365 days of the year so don’t kid yourself.

So what about these goofy detox diets and liquid starvation methods? Are they all fad? First, don't get me all wrong here: I like some shakes and/or juiced fruit and veggies- I have them often. I just don't have them exclusively as my meal plan but I do supplement them to my regular diet of fresh, unprocessed whole foods.

While the whole idea of detoxifying your body of processed crap from the all-too-popular S.A.D. diet (Standard American Diet) is a great one, to do so resorting to just some liquid miracle potion for any extended amount of time is not the best idea and can actually rob your body of vital nutrients and energy.

For starters, all this weight that some claim to lose is mainly water/salt weight which comes back after you begin eating normally- even with the right natural foods.  Secondly, since there are virtually no calories to speak of with these extreme diets, there is no possible way for you to function optimally- mind or body. We all need calories to perform at our best. How are you supposed to be active running on just fluid?

The lack of protein and calories from these starvation detox plans actually starves the good tissues we should be striving to keep and that tissue is muscle. If you have followed anything I have filmed for YouTube or written here, you know that muscle is anabolically active and this means it will burn calories stored as fat no matter what you are doing- even sleeping so why would you want to rob their ability to burn fat for you?

What about the detox portion of these diets? Your liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs, skin, blood and lymphatic systems already naturally do the job of detoxifying your body every day anyway. Side effects of detox diets can include dehydration, fatigue, bad breathe, constipation, dizziness and nausea- sounds fun right? Look we don’t need to starve our  system just because some malnourished tree-hugger in your yoga class told you it’s necessary (yoga is cool btw).

It takes about 3-4 days for your body to fully digest and dispose of the solid foods you put into it. So, if you try the new liquid detox potion of the month, you can expect to keep evacuating your bowls- which brings me to the next point.

Some of the weight you lose will inevitably be solid waste so by the time you get to the fourth or fifth day, you’ll be a few pounds lighter just from not replacing your gut with solid food to digest; and this, like the water weight lost will COME BACK when you begin to eat solid food again (and you will). The only difference is you will hopefully not be eating steady helpings of the S.A.D. diet anymore.

So what is an easier, healthier and more realistic method? I thought you’d never ask. Simple, just slowly transition things around. Meaning, instead of your steady diet of processed fun foods that you know are bad for you, start to replace them with more healthy alternatives. Of course, you can still enjoy your pizza or whatever junk foods you like, just not all the time. Before you know it, you will have almost phased out the bad stuff from your diet completely (except for those fun cheat days).

Start educating yourself on the countless simple ways to make your food intake alkaline instead of acidic- this is golden and a great way to "detox" without resorting to an extreme starvation diet.

How do you get alkaline?  Stay away from processed/fast foods all together and starting eating more veggies and "clean" proteins as close to their natural state as possible. Throw some proper training into the mix and witness the body you want begin to appear- and continually improve. See? That is not extreme.

Now, forcing yourself to gulp down some silly concoction of maple syrup and spices for a meal plan is.  How would you rather eat? Why treat yourself that way?

Still confused? Don’t know where or how to start? Leave a comment or a question and I will do my best to answer it. Eating clean for health and a better body is cheaper and easier than you might think, no starvation detox diets needed.




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Awesome Sweepstakes- Enter To Win!

Robert here and I want to pass on chance for you to win some really cool prizes including a trip to Los Angeles by entering a sweepstakes that my friends over at Promax Nutrition are putting on.

You have probably heard of that cool show "Shark Tank" right? Did you happen to see the recent episodes with the Blanks?
(Billy Blanks Jr. and his wife Sharon Catherine)

They are the ultra-talented dance duo gaining huge momentum and also my fellow Promax DOers for 2012. You can read more about them on their website http://www.meettheblanks.com/about-us/billy-blanks-jr/

So back to the sweepstakes- Promax is giving a lucky winner the chance to have a dance-filled getaway to LA, see more info below!

The winner receives a 5 day, 4 night trip to LA where they will:

-Dance with the Blanks on National Dance Day
-Attend a taping of So You Think You Can Dance
-Get a year supply of Promax Fit 'n Crisp
-Take home 3 Billy Blanks Jr. dance workout DVD's

Great weekly prizes are also given away:

-PEAR Square One training device
-iPod Shuffle
-3 Billy Blanks Jr. dance workout DVD's
-Box of Promax bars

The sweepstakes runs through June 4th so enter NOW here:  http://on.fb.me/IFo6UV

You can't win if you don't enter!

Good luck and I look forward to seeing you in Los Angeles!


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How I Do Ripped Abs At Home

In this short video, I bring you through a couple sets of my favorite Ab movement: the hanging leg raise and weighted crunches on the stability ball at home. For the hangers, I first start with "uppers" where my knees don't drop too far below my waistline, then I do side-to-sides and then finish with the easier lowers, where my feet drop down almost all the way and knees come up to my waistline.

There's a reason I do them in this oder! ALWAYS start with the most difficult or heavier move first. This way, you will have enough energy to do it correctly and efficiently; then do the easier/isolation ones. This is the same reason you should life weights BEFORE you do your "cardio" in the gym and the same reason you should do your tougher, heavier compound movements like benchpress before you do cable flys. If you train with weights correctly, it takes far more effort than simply taking a jog on a treadmill (that's why I don't even bother with jogging). Jogging does NOT employ EPOC for constant 24-7 fat loss like lifting the right way can.

Anyhow, enjoy the video and when you are ready to train with me and get the body of a lifetime no matter what your age, visit me at  http://www.robertmartingfitness.com and let's make your goals a reality. Summer is just around the corner!

Train SMART,

~Robert Marting

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Some Amazing People I’ve Met In Fitness

Throughout my journey in fitness, I have achieved many personal and professional benchmarks and I have fitness to thank for them. Along with those, I have met some rare talents that I have learned from, helped me bust through barriers and achieve goals along the way (we seldom do it all alone).

These are people that I never thought I would be fortunate enough to meet, let alone work on some of the same projects.

Let's start with Bill Phillips- if you hadn't heard of Bill, he has transformed millions of lives (and counting) with the paradigm-shifting book "Body For Life" that basically started the whole transformation craze along with those infamous "before and after" pictures. He pioneered the fitness supplement industry with companies like MET-Rx and EAS. His most recent work  "Transformation: The Mindset You need. The Body You Want. The Life You Deserve" was released in 2010. Bill is a master-motivator and has been voted as one of America's most generous business leaders.

A few years back I was invited as an expert panelist  by our governement, the USDHHS in Washington D.C. (Dept of Health and Human Services) to help develop a solution for childhood and adult obesity. As it happened, Bill Phillips (along with other healthcare professionals) were also invited. Here's a pic of Bill along with some other experts on the panel and myself at a dinner party in Beverly Hills following the expert meeting:

You can imagine just how cool it was to chat with Bill Phillips over a glass of wine about his vision of our country's health going "from worst to first" after reading about it years before- he is just an inspiring guy to be around.

Before all of that though, he put out a small news letter from his mother's garage that later developed into the magazine "Muscle Media"- I personally know how that is. I was told I would never achieve anything in this field and "was wasting my time". Well, I was lucky to have landed two covers of MM, appearing with top female fitness models Sarah Orbanic and Brandy Flores. Bill's brother, Shawn, worked on various aspects of Muscle Media as well and together they put out a cool little flick called "Body Of Work" that chronicled the first EAS contest- very motivating, it's well worth checking out.




Shawn Phillips, a.k.a. "The Fitness Philosopher" is a fitness pioneer in his own right. Authoring many best selling books, he recently put out his best and latest work IMHO called "Strength For Life" and concocted one of the best (if not THE best) premium nutrition shakes on the market called "Full Strength For Men". Shawn sent me a box and a signed copy of his book- and he didn't have to do either. Facebook can be a black hole of time lost and nothingness but in this case it was great; Shawn and I were able to connect and talk about what's been going on in and out of the fitness world- it was just too cool. You can check out Shawn's blog and a little video I made at the following link:


What about Joel Marion? Of millions of applicants, this guy actually won Bill's Body For Life transformation contest in 2001.  He also used to write articles for Muscle Media and various other fitness mags- from all of that he put out the best-selling ebook "Cheat Your Way Thin". Suffice it to say, Joel knows his stuff. He has a great blog and news letter full of fitness and fat-torching secrets I recommend you check out when you have a chance at http://bodytransformationinsider.com/access/ Joel is a resource you just can't do without when it comes to getting in the best shape of your life and making it last.

Last month I attended Bedros Keuilian's Fitness Business Summit in Irvine, Ca. (great job Bedros) with my good friend, the Southbay fitness guru and owner of The Gym http://www.thegymsouthbay.com/, Armando Gutierrez; it was an awesome experience, thanks to Armando- here's a pic of me and Armando at the step and repeat..

Of the many speakers there, Joel Marion and Craig Ballantyne were the guys I was there to see. I got to chat with both of them and let me just say they're both some of the most down-to-earth dudes I have ever met; especially in the fitness world. Below is a pic of Joel and myself at the summit; the people mentioned in this post are just a few of the great minds in fitness I've been fortunate to connect with. There will be more in a small series of posts about people I want to recognize for their excellence in fitness- also those who have helped others along the way. For now, thanks to all of you for being who you are, you are helping many people improve their own lives, myself included!

As you may or may not know, I'm one of six fortunate people chosen as "DOers" in 2012 with my favorite protein bar maker, PROMAX NUTRITION. They are always pushing to be their absolute best; putting out new and better tasting ingredients in their bars and that's why I'm lucky to be partnered with them. Check out the other awesome DOers at this link:


We each bring unique contributions to the table!

I don't have a picture yet (although I should have gotten one at the DOer shoot) but I got to meet some of the PROMAX top-brass which is always very cool;  pro-business leaders like CEO Simon Goode and others who play a huge roll in the company's continued success like Marketing Director Jaclyn Rodriguez- these guys are DOers in their own right! Thanks as well to the Stanton and Company team of professionals for bringing it all together. Pictures with these guys to come ASAP!

I'm looking forward to DOing more with PROMAX this year and posting it all right here- so check back often.  

Until then, stay strong and let me hear you.. leave a comment or question!


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Delicious Easter Salmon-Spinach Benedict (how-to)

I hope you had a relaxing holiday and celebrated it with the people you care about! Besides training, a thing that brings me peace is cooking delicious meals (sometimes cheat meals). So in honor of the holiday I threw together my favorite egg dish- eggs benedict; with a few healthy twists- salmon, spinach and onion. Of course, topped off with fresh REAL hollandaise sauce I also made. Don't worry, this dish isn't totally healthy, it has its share of calories and let me tell you- tastes amazing. Check out the video, follow along and try it yourself!

If YOU are ready to turn back the clock and train with me for the best body you ever had no matter what your age (I'm 41) let's do it!

Check out http://www.robertmartingfitness.com for your personalized plan from a pro (me) we will do it together.


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