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Your Anti-Aging Miracle Food?

There is an abundance of great information all over the internet about coconut oil you can read but take it from me: Since I have been getting my steady dose of it daily I have felt better, had more energy, less joint pain, gotten leaner and look better (at least that’s what my friends have said). My skin has even improved now that I think of it; less dry, less age/sun spots, irritated, etc.

It's one of the nutritional "super fats" I cover in-depth in my full online training program UBAA.

Crazy health benefits qualify this stuff as one of the super-foods in my book and here’s the short list of reasons why:  weight loss, brain function, antimicrobial, antifungal, hair care, skin care (fights rashes of all kinds), stress relief, maintaining cholesterol levels, increased immunity, proper digestion and metabolism, tooth decay prevention, relief from kidney problems and heart disease.

It’s easy to see how coconut oil is an anti-aging miracle food with a short list like that.

So how does coconut oil give us such amazing health benefits? These benefits can be traced to the presence of lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acids- which are healthy saturated fats but the exact mechanism of how it can do what it does for us is still a mystery. Lauric acid makes up more than 40% of these healthy fats. These are the kinds of fats that help decrease inflammation of all kinds in our body- cancer included.

Coconut oil is made of more than 90% saturated fats. But the fats in coconut oils aren’t the kinds of fats that make you fat, they actually help you get leaner and more healthy! The remaining percents come from unsaturated fats, which are also great for you.

Heck, you can even just rub it on your skin as one of the best lotions you'll every use- talk about virsatile!

Besides cooking with it, what I like to do is just simply take a table spoon and scoop up a serving. Bam, there’s your anti-aging, fat-fighting healthy fats for the day and all it takes is a second or two. You can also put it on your toast like butter. It has a high melting point, around 78 degrees. It comes as a solid, much like butter in consistency.

You can add it to just about anything you want to make the food more healthy- for example put a  melted teaspoon in your soup, mix it with honey, sauté meats and veggies with it, the list is limitless with creative ways you could consume it in your daily diet. Of course, don't cut out other nutrients completely but work in the coconut oil to supplement your diet here and there.

If you don’t already have some, I highly recommend you get it. I have a relationship with the great health food company VITACOST and they have allowed me to offer my subscribers great PROMO-CODE savings on their top-grade extra virgin coconut oil-  here's a picture of the actual jar; just click on the picture to pick up your jar at their official online store:




This is a bigger size container at 54 oz but at that price it’s an absolute steal. They also have  smaller sizes if you want to try it out first but you will see how great that price is when most 14oz jars are $8.00 to $10.00 on average. They even offer free shipping on tickets over $25 and % off coupon codes on various items, so check back often. They have a HUGE selection and some of the best pricing anywhere.

So check it out, pick up your jar and start reaping the benefits of this amazing food right now, you will be glad you did. Also, I want to learn from you! Post your recipes and ideas on how you used your coconut oil! You’ll see that this stuff knows no bounds as far as ways to use it.

 Scoop it up or slather it on to give your body some anti-aging super nutrition!

 To your health and longevity, 



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